Outsourcing of IT solutions

As experts in technological solutions, we offer the strength of our maintenance, administration and operation of platforms services improving digital systems.

We provide technological maintenance services with great versatility, adapting to the real and practical needs of our clients such as multiple schedules available thanks to our international staff infrastructure (8x5, 24x7, 12x5), different execution modes and locations (remote, on-premise, mixed) and several communication channels between company and client (web page, email, telephone).

Functional support

Activities of reception, resolution and follow-up of questions raised about the operation of an information system during the operation.

Detective and Corrective Maintenance

Actions derived from the correction of existing defects in an application, either by failures of the program or by obtaining unexpected results not in accordance with the functionalities executed.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance:

Actions aimed at optimizing applications or their documentation in order to minimize corrective maintenance and improve their quality.

Evolutionary Maintenance

Development of customized applications to meet specific needs. Adaptation of the data model. Load specifications / inventory catalogue. Development on the applications in order to solve the business requirements, complying with the client's technological architecture guidelines.

Permanent evolution

We actively collaborate with our clients to identify solutions that can add innovation to accompany new business needs and achieve better results. The evolutionary maintenance service improves solutions and adds greater value with real and effective knowledge of business processes.