We optimize investments in network deployments

The telecommunications companies have the challenge of continuing to innovate in their products and services. The total connectivity of its users requires a permanent update of its assets that facilitates the provision of service every day more demanding in a very competitive environment.

We propose solutions that reduce operational costs and, therefore, improve operational efficiency by automating the processes based on eTOM-TAM of OSS

Solutions that accelerate the business

We provide solutions and services within the OSS scope with high technological specialization and great experience in the business processes of our clients, their objectives and their needs, with Telecommunications Engineers, Computer Engineers and Civil Engineers that, together with the teams of our clients, advise, support management and implement these solutions in an effective, scalable and on-time manner.

Our services, based on international standards of quality and safety, allow us to meet and solve the problems required by large, medium and small telecommunications operators, whether national or transnational, as well as regulatory entities and all the agents that give support to the sector, such as engineering firms or maintenance companies of infrastructure networks.

  • Sale Feasibility and prospecting of clients

    Powerful sales system to obtain the availability of Physical Network infrastructure, according to the needs and location of customers, allowing to generate sales campaigns in areas with underused network, storing the prospect customers who have requested telecommunication services and could not be provided because the infrastructure network in the area is deficient or non-existent.

  • Provisioning

    Solution that allows the management of service orders under the concept of global automation of provisioning that governs the service orchestrator. It defines, from a product, the breakdown of services and network technologies required, the management of IP addresses through multiple IP networks, as well as the management of numbers or ranges of numbers.

  • Activation

    Multi-technology service activation solution within the complete framework required to deliver, modify, or withdraw a service, including adapting the flow of processes and connections under robust management instruments.

  • Assurance

    Solution for preventive and corrective maintenance of telecommunications networks by automating workflows and problem management, under the best international practices, minimizing downtime.

  • Telecommunications physical network management

    Provides efficiency in planning, control of deployment projects, design and economic study of designs, the possible increase in construction costs, the location of network failures and their maintenance, preserving the inventory of networks with object of giving support and information about the network infrastructure planned, built or in service to the different systems implemented and fundamentally to the supply system.

  • Mobility Management

    Optimizes work orders for provisioning, corrective and preventive network maintenance, as well as updating the physical network inventory in mobility. It uses an automatic crew planning algorithm that optimizes service schedules and resources through a management controlled by supervisors from the operation center.
    The Mobile Inventory solution allows to know where to act and in what network resource to inventory the replaced elements or to correct defects in the network inventory.

  • Operational Business Intelligence

    It monitors and controls operational KPIs, investment optimization, customer analysis and sales processes for corporate and residential customers.
    It allows managing Big Data on infinite data transactions on the referents of deployed infrastructures.

  • Address management

    It is based on the concept of a single customer address for the entire entity, including an expert database with multiple possible nomenclatures for the same address. It can be standardized and coded both geographically and alphanumerically, solving major integration problems through one address.

A dynamic sector in constant innovation

All the activity of a telecommunications company is based on the sale of the network infrastructure, its associated services and the benefits that it reports, based on three objectives.

  • Reduce the time to market new products or services.
  • Increase revenues by linear network occupation (copper, coaxial, fiber or wireless).
  • Reduce operational costs in network deployment and maintenance

The functions of the regulatory entities are, among others, to increase and improve accessibility by promoting the universality of access and quality of service.

According to our experience, based on collaboration with more than 30 telecommunications operators and different regulatory bodies in a great diversity of countries, there are different needs in the sector that we can summarize in the following situations:

  • “Time to Market” not adapted to the needs of the business, mainly due to obsolete systems and / or non-integrated systems and / or an OSS system architecture partially implemented.
  • Dispersed data from multiple sources within the company prevent optimizing investments in network assets.
  • Difficult assessment of the selling capacity of an operating entity or of the national access capacity.

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