Sustainability in water management through leakage control

Water availability and quality are a critical factor for economic and social development. This reality tends to worsen as domestic and industrial demand continues to increase in the face of scarce water resources. All of this increases the urgency of having efficient water management systems.

Innovative solutions for integrated water management

At Implemental Systems, we develop a set of technological solutions that cover the needs of all stakeholders involved in water supply: from distribution company managers to consumers, including engineers and maintenance technicians.

Our solutions not only reduce the costs associated with information technologies, but also improves the efficiency of all operational processes, enabling:

  • Planning networks, automating the workflows of the departments involved;
  • Managing projects from their planning phase to their closure and commissioning;
  • Valuating assets reflecting the economic value of the network;
  • Unified management of space assets;
  • Reducing service restoration times;
  • Controlling the network through telemetry solutions (AMI);
  • Reducing water losses due to leaks or illegal consumption;
  • Integrating technologies transversally for use throughout the company.

SCADA - Telecontrol
The SCADA solution makes it possible to monitor and remotely control the supply and wastewater networks in real time and in a predictive manner.

The operation of the RTU's as well as the logical controllers is very effective, managing all the information, analyzing it and generating predictions and alarms.
The advanced telemetry of meters and flowmeters allows access to ON-TIME data, its analysis and integration with the commercial system and the incident management system, among others.

Smart metering is a basic part of advanced water control systems and a fundamental tool for the future control of leaks and non-technical losses.
Leakage management
Water being a natural and not uniform good, the risk of water losses in technologically advanced countries can reach a value of 30% out of the amount of drinking water produced.

Our solution based on algorithms of hydraulic balance and pressure control can reduce both technical and non-technical losses.
Water quality management
Implemental Systems' solution for water quality management allows a complete model of control actions and improvement of quality and health parameters, among others microbiological parameters, chemical parameters, different indicator parameters or radioactivity.
Management of supply outages
Enables and manages the recording of outages from customer calls or incidents reported by multichannel. Helps the operator identify the network element that is failing and determine the consequences and affected customers. Allows actions to be defined to re-establish supply, through remote control or through field tasks assigned to crews.

This solution allows the exchange of information to automate the operational processes of the business depending on the workflow. It uses international standards to ensure interoperability. Integrated systems can be: CRM, GIS, ERP, CIS, OMS, IVR, among others.
Network Incident Management
It is a solution for field work using access to information on order allocation, management and optimization of planning, as well as management of means and resources.

This solution is focused on the integral management of field actions, allowing the registration of crews, their skills, the management of rosters, work shifts and vacations, the semi-automatic planning of the work to be done and the optimization of the routes to be carried out according to the assigned work.
Management of the supply and wastewater networks
Our solution allows the georeferenced recording of all the components of the network together with the useful information that defines them. It allows modelling and integrating into the data model all the elements included in the company's operations and supports the areas of planning and design of network infrastructure, corrective and preventive maintenance.
Management of supply wells
Implemental Systems offers an advanced system for the inspection and control of water supply wells.
The Implemental Systems solution allows you to manage inspections of water pumping wells including, flow, quality, source protection, chemical dosage, corrosion, aeration, disinfection, hypochlorination systems, fluoridation, as well as safety and operational aspects.

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